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  • Why should we buy from Bioconverge?
    Bioconverge guarantees you fresh, hand-picked and quality material delivered at your door step. Our products aren't labeled with fancy tags like organic, pesticide free, exotic, A class instead they're genuinely fresh, not-processed and directly from farms.
  • Are your products genuinely organic?
    No, we don't label them organic because some crops cannot grow without chemical inputs as fertilizers and nutrients. We assure that our products are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and insecticides which can be checked by any of our users for residues.
  • Do you supply directly from the farms?
    Yes we directly supply from the farms because we have several farms on contract basis for our wholesale market and exports. Due to present pandemic we are entering retail market to grab some opportunities.
  • Can we visit your farms and meet the farmers?
    Absolutely. In fact we also want you to be the part of our company through CSA program, support and nurture small farmers through your neighbors and flatmates. You and your 100 friends decide to take up CSA, a village can be made economically sustainable. Please join hands with us.
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