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Our Story

We are a group of professionals qualified in various fields of agriculture like biotechnology, microbiology, organic farming, plant physiology, botany, animal husbandry, nutritional mechanics etc., Our team comprises of agricultural experts who are professors, scientists, academicians and progressive farmers with a motto to help the needy. 

Many people are interested to thrive in the field of agriculture and food science - we offer assistance and consultancy to such young minds. Our services extend to the field of organic farming, plant nutrition, seed selection, manures and fertilizers, packing and processing, aquaponics, hydroponics, animal husbandry and biofertilizers. 

Helping plant enthusiasts is our motto.


1. Contract Farming

a. Complete contract farming. 

      We undertake complete contract of land over lease for a year or crop based tenure. We employ our own team and labors to take care of the farm from seed stage till marketing and share the profit on terms of contract. 

b. Partial contract farming.

     Land and farming remains with the owner. We make a contract for the crop with a buy-back guarantee and help you market the produce eventually over a fixed price. 

2. Research and development

     We have expertise in plant tissue culture, biotechnology, plant variants and applied plant genetics. Our research team is continuously working to revive, nourish and nurture economically important plants and trees, endangered species, plants which are geographical indications of Karnataka etc., Associate with us to know more. 

3. Consultancy

      Our team of experts are equipped with enough tools and technology to provide value based consultancy regarding any topic related to agriculture and allied fields. Our core value lies in bridging the gap between the recent advancements and traditional farming by educating the rural population to accomplish great results in farming. 

4. Marketing

     Marketing plays a key role for any product, similarly agricultural sector suffers a lot in this section. As a agriculture based company we ensure a targeted group of clients and assured market for the farmers associated with us. We also facilitate buy back agreements between the farmers and buyers.

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